February 23, 2017
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ATLANTA Juggalos: Let’s be in a Movie!

Attention all Juggalos in or around the Atlanta, Georgia area…we’ve got some HUGE news that you’re going to want to pay attention to and help spread

Winner Chosen for Twiztid “Continuous Evilution…” Raffle!

Nearly 4,000 of our readers entered the Twiztid contest full of goodies for their latest album: The Continuous Evilution of Life’s ?s, but unfortunately, there could be only one winner.

Milwaukee’s 104.1 FM interviews Juggalo Jeffery Wright about Horrorcore Rap

We got hit up by a ninja named Jeffery Wright aka “Juggalo Jeff” who was recently interviewed on a radio station in Milwaukee, WI on 104.1 FM.  The reason

Juggalos rank 33 Flavors of Faygo – Which one won?

We got tagged in a post by our homie Bozo about an article that Thrillist.com just published.  In this new story, they ask three Juggalos to

[Update: FOUND!] Juggalo Eric Mann MISSING; Last Seen in Detroit

Update (2/3/17 @ 10:55 AM CST): Eric Mann has been found safe!  Thank you for all of your concerns and shares! Original Post: Alright ninjas in the Detroit

Help out Troy and his Juggalo Family who are in need

This ninjas, Troy hit us up fill us in on what’s been going on with him recently. Unfortunately his wife Megan went in to the

Dallas Juggalo Christopher “CJ” Kreneck Passes On in Car Accident; Girlfriend Tayler in Critical Condition [Updated]

Update [01/28/17 @ 1:14 PM CST]: It has come to my attention that after an emergency surgery yesterday, Tayler has passed away too.  These two

Kevin Gill interviewed by IndyKast Podcast

This week on the IndyKast podcast, they feature an interview with the one and only Kevin Gill!  They speak on a variety of topics including: KG v. Disco

Juggalo Prom planned for Tunnel Of Love night at Juggalo Weekend!

Being that Friday, February 17th is Tunnel Of Love day for Day 1 of Juggalo Weekend, some ninjas came up with the idea of making it a Juggalo Prom

Vinnie “The ICP Kid” on Replicon Radio this Monday, January 30th

Our homies from Replicon Radio hit us up with some info on their next broadcast!  It’s goin’ down on Monday, January 30th from 6 PM – 10 PM

22 Year-old Missing Juggalette Found SAFE!

Nearly eight months ago, we posted an article about a 22 year-old missing Juggalette named Lexy Anne Stacy who had gone missing in Colorado.  She had

Show some Love to Blind Insanity whose mother, Joyce Kiewiet, recently passed

While we were away at New Year’s Evil, the homie Blind Insanity hit us up with some devastatingly tragic news.  His mother, Joyce Kiewiet, was found deceased on

Merry Axemas From All Your Homies At Faygoluvers.net!

Juggalos and Juggalettes Worldwide– We here at Faygoluvers.net just want to wish you and yours the BEST holiday season imaginable. WHOOP WHOOP! Merry Axemas to

Juggalos Down on Their Luck during the Holidays…

It seems as though times are tough for a lot of ninjas during the holidays this year.  I know that overall, 2016 hasn’t been a

Missing Person Case Re-Opened after 10 YEARS!!!

We have had a family member reach out to us here at Faygoluvers, to help spread this SAD, but very CRUCIAL  message. The story of a woman

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