April 30, 2017
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New Releases

J Biz R & Razablade Real – “The World Iz Dying”

A reflection upon the state of decay this world is in from society to nature. Purchase here: https://theworldizdying.bandcamp.com/ Entity Succubus Deep Dark Secret II (ft.

Bloodstepp – “Killer Bass From Outer Space Part 1 “

The first of a 2-part EP set, Bloodstepp brings you Killer Bass From Outer Space Part 1, full of shitty beats and payed rappers to

Alla Xul Elu’s – “Necronomichron”

Alla Xul Elu‘s new album Necronomichron has been unleashed upon the underground. You can order the album by clicking this link:  Necronomichron @ longliveevil.bigcartel.com Just

Jack Sin – “Captain Midnight”

Download or listen to Jack Sin‘s newest album “Captain Midnight” by CLICKING HERE. Name your price. Intro Captain Midnight Middles Up (prod. by Beat G33kz)

Sleep Lyrical, Aequitas, Juztin Sane – “Samsara” EP

Saṃsāra is the beginning-less cycle of repeated birth, mundane existence, pain, suffering and dying again perpetuated by desire and ignorance due to your own karma.

Bulletproof & The Fool #BPTF – “#KILLABS: KILL ALL BULLSHIT”

Purchase your hard copies here: http://bptf.net/product/killabs/ Kill All Bullshit ft. Dana T No Reason ft. Scum & Damien Quinn Freedom ft. The Jill of All Tradez

Supah Smash Bros. – “Stoplight City”

Get the album for $10.00 here: http://kunaki.com/Sales.asp?PID=PX00Z63USJ US 31 Stoplight City F Da Mainstream (ft. Mastamind) Smash Bros MidWest Massacre (ft. Project Born) Komatos (ft. Skitzo)

Tre Flowz – “Money On My Mind”

This is a re-release of the 2014 album “Money On My Mind”!  Get it via iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/money-on-my-mind/id1204588029 Nothin New Live That Life (feat. Afressh) No

Staplez – “Food 4 Thought”

Tracklist: 1. Intro 2. Shock and Awe ft. Kunkle 3. Unassuming 4. Air Raid ft. Defekt 5. Bath Saltz 6. EaD ft. Madness 7. Laughter

Gorilla Voltage – “Ape-X”

Gorilla Voltage’s debut album on MNE and a Twiztidshop exclusive will not disappoint. These two are ready to unleash havoc and destruction with their brand

SSB – “More Stories To Tell”

The new SSB album “More Stories To Tell” is OUT NOW!  Features guest appearances from Wrekonize, Hed PE, K-Rino of the SPC, INSANE POETRY, GrewSum,

Outbreak Monkey – “The Lost Book Of Evil”

WARNING: This Album is cursed! After many delays, cancellations and more delays it’s finally here. The “Lost Book of Evil” is the next part in

Fangoria Musick presents: “The Horde: Volume 2”

With 2016 nearing its close, FANGORIA Musick offers up one last release before the year’s end. It has been an exciting year for Musick with

Dead Walkers – “LIFEB4DEATH” (The EP)

Dead Walkers (Kendrick Notsa & Domoniak) debut album featuring Moka Only, C-Rayz Walz, Polk D, Mastamind and more… Intro Pray For My Enemies You Out

Uncle Phoenix – “Side Fxxx”

Mindless Corpse Organization and Out The Box 666 present D.Evil AKA Uncle Phoenix darkest album yet in SIde Fxxx !! 13 tracks of acid dipped,

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