March 26, 2017
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New Releases

Bulletproof & The Fool #BPTF – “#KILLABS: KILL ALL BULLSHIT”

Purchase your hard copies here: Kill All Bullshit ft. Dana T No Reason ft. Scum & Damien Quinn Freedom ft. The Jill of All Tradez

Supah Smash Bros. – “Stoplight City”

Get the album for $10.00 here: US 31 Stoplight City F Da Mainstream (ft. Mastamind) Smash Bros MidWest Massacre (ft. Project Born) Komatos (ft. Skitzo)

Tre Flowz – “Money On My Mind”

This is a re-release of the 2014 album “Money On My Mind”!  Get it via iTunes here: Nothin New Live That Life (feat. Afressh) No

Staplez – “Food 4 Thought”

Tracklist: 1. Intro 2. Shock and Awe ft. Kunkle 3. Unassuming 4. Air Raid ft. Defekt 5. Bath Saltz 6. EaD ft. Madness 7. Laughter

Gorilla Voltage – “Ape-X”

Gorilla Voltage’s debut album on MNE and a Twiztidshop exclusive will not disappoint. These two are ready to unleash havoc and destruction with their brand

SSB – “More Stories To Tell”

The new SSB album “More Stories To Tell” is OUT NOW!  Features guest appearances from Wrekonize, Hed PE, K-Rino of the SPC, INSANE POETRY, GrewSum,

Outbreak Monkey – “The Lost Book Of Evil”

WARNING: This Album is cursed! After many delays, cancellations and more delays it’s finally here. The “Lost Book of Evil” is the next part in

Fangoria Musick presents: “The Horde: Volume 2”

With 2016 nearing its close, FANGORIA Musick offers up one last release before the year’s end. It has been an exciting year for Musick with

Dead Walkers – “LIFEB4DEATH” (The EP)

Dead Walkers (Kendrick Notsa & Domoniak) debut album featuring Moka Only, C-Rayz Walz, Polk D, Mastamind and more… Intro Pray For My Enemies You Out

Uncle Phoenix – “Side Fxxx”

Mindless Corpse Organization and Out The Box 666 present D.Evil AKA Uncle Phoenix darkest album yet in SIde Fxxx !! 13 tracks of acid dipped,

Hiway – “Disgruntled Employees Association”

Hiway continues where Roadside left off and ups the ante with “Disgruntled Employees’ Association “. This time around, we are in full on story mode.

Kraziak – “Paranoia Poison”

Get this album on Spotify or iTunes now! On the Run Whereabouts (feat. Big Hoodoo) Makin’ Me Mad (feat. Koopsta Knicca & Cody B) Why We Die

GB Monroe – “Skrew Up Klick”

Pick up digital or hard copies of the album here. Intro / Glen Jones ‘N The Modulations Brother From Another Shuttle Panic Jackson LOLife Vatsky Chulo

Big Slack – “Back Like I Never Left”

  Back Like I Never Left Wrong One Low Tones Take A Life Roll Up Isn’t For The Radio Can You Handle It Who’s The

JaYsin – “Savagery”

  God Shit Yeengottaskdat Goodbye Birth of a Savage Bama 2 the Bay The Truth Would You Believe Me Talk to God Savagery Brainwash

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