January 18, 2017
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Fresh Tracks

Kinetik, 3SK, ILL – “Weapon Of Choice”

M-Dot – “Days Are All The Same”

Zeno Marx – “Cadillac” (ft. Doobie Bvndit)

Str8Jaket – “When You’re Burning”

Young NTG – “Not Like Me”

Dead Walkers – “Pray For My Enemies”

Bukshot – “No Belong”

This is the first single off my upcoming album Weirdo produced by the legendary Michael “Seven” Summers!

Damienz Dezign – “Dream”

Gorilla Voltage – “Grime”

Anybody Killa – “Can’t Fuck Wit Me”

Lyte – “Who The Fuck Is Lyte?”

Blahzay Roze – “Sleep Creeper”

Young Wicked – “Vengeance”

Psychopathic Records – “Hurricane of Diamonds”

Myzery – “Let Me Go” (ft. ICP)

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