April 30, 2017
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Boondox – “The Murder”

Boondox makes his Majik Ninja debut with his long anticipated album THE MURDER!! Boondox brings his authentic and diverse sound harder and more wicked than ever before on his upcoming release and this album will usher in a new chapter in the Boondox saga. . . . . so are you ready for . . . . .  .The Murder?!?!
Artist: Boondox
Album: The Murder
Release Date: 3/24/17
Track List:
1. Welcome
2. Peck Your Eyes Out
3. Throw Away
4. Bloodletting
5. Feed The Machine
6. Free Soul
7. Purge ft. Twiztid
8. Cannibalistic Prodigal Misfit
9. Born In Fire ft. Jamie Madrox, Bubba Sparxxx & Struggle
10. I’m A Mess
11. Outlined In Chalk ft. Twiztid,  Blaze, G-Mo Skee, Lex The Hex Master & Young Wicked
12. Sittin’ On The Porch
13. They Don’t Understand
14. Terminus ft. Jamie Madrox

Release Date:

  • 03/24/2017



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