May 23, 2015
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The Ill Breed

Ill Breed - "Do What We Want Optimus Remix Featuring Young Mag"
1. dowhatwewantoptimusremixftyoungmag     
Ill Breed - "That's Wasup"
2. thatswasup     
Ill Breed - "Whatcha Like"
3. whatchalike     

Juggalos! Juggalettes! Serial killers and their future victims! It’s your boy BeZerk, and I am back yet again with a new Underground Spotlight for your ears and eyes. This time, I got out of my own comfort zone and checked something new. I don’t know why, but lately I’ve been on a fuck the new shit mode.

Coming from Jacksboro, TN (which I’m told is a one horse kind of town if that’s your thing), Ill Breed is bumping some good wicked shit that maybe more should listen to. In a day and age in which one could almost categorize a genre known as juggalo rap, you get a lot of horse shit artists (trust me juggalos, I know this from first hand account). Most use repetitive low grade lyrics in a sad attempt to sound scary or intimidating, when in the long run they sound nothing more then an ignoramus. Ill Breed does NOT fit this standard.

One thing lacked that they seem to be good at too is the overall production and mixing and mastering of their tracks. The quality is that of what I’d expect to hear out of a studio. Ill Breed also makes their own beats, though in their beginning humble origins, they started writing to legendary juggalo super producer Mike E. Clark. Now, ten years later, they’re bumping out their own tunes building their own tracks down to the very instrumental and lyrics.So juggalos, I’ll leave you with some up and comers (definitely artists that this segment was made for). Let’s hope that from here, they are able to expand their musical careers and endeavours, and if not, at least you gave some time to give a listen to some dope cats, and that’s what it’s all about.

As for me juggalos, I got some more UGS’s in the works, and should be dropping weekly for at least the next two weeks. I am running into some rough times with my living situation, and the fact the chick I love is driving me nuts. Go figure I’d trip a little over a bitch. That doesn’t sound like BeZerkaveli whatsoever. What can I say juggalos? I’m a sucker for love. Nonetheless, your underground guru as Scottie D likes to put it will still be here for you bringing you as much underground freshness as I possibly can. You just might have to be a little patient. I can guarantee you this time that it’s not because I broke my computer. So juggalos…. enjoy….


Interview: Ill Breed

Members: Malachi the Messenger and Strange the Deranged

From: Jacksboro, TN

BeZerk: Why did you guys choose to go with the name Ill Breed and how did you guys come up with your stage names?

Ill Breed: When you think about the definition of ill breed, it means a person or group of persons who are considered to be no good, vagrants, and outcasts of society (much like Juggalos). So, the name fit us perfectly. Strange had his name tattoo’d on his arm when he was 18, because he once asked Malachi what word best described him. He didn’t start going by it until Malachi told him that he should own it, and make it his. Malachi’s story is on a whole different level however. He had a near death experience back in 2008, and when he came back around, the name Malachi had come to him, because it means the messenger. Since coming back from his near death experience, he felt like he was here for a reason and that was to spread a message with his music.



BeZerk: Who do you guys consider as an inspiration?

Ill Breed: We have to many to name really. Our first love of rap was Insane Clown Posse and Twiztid. They were the inspiration to really start writing our own music, but we also love many other artists that are a large part of our musical development like Tech N9ne, Haystak, and KMK. We have a great love for heavy metal have been influenced by bands like Slipknot, Chimira, and 40 Below Summer, also former Hollywood Undead member Deuce has been a new inspiration as of late.

Blood and Soul

Blood n Soul


BeZerk: What are your guys’ favorite Faygo flavor?

Ill Breed: Malachi’s is Rock n’ rye,  and Strange is just plain Moon Mist.

BeZerk: You guys have been doing music together since 2002, but how long have you guys been doing music?

Ill Breed: Malachi has been doing music since he first started playing drums at 8 years old so he’s got 20 years experience under his belt, Strange has been doing it since 2002 when the 2 of them first started producing beats together.

Ill Breed with their dope masks

Ill Breed with their dope masks


BeZerk: What do you think make you guys unique as a group and unique as an artist individually?

Ill Breed: We definitely give credit where credit is due as far as being juggalo artists, but unlike other juggalo artists we aren’t purposely trying to do wicked shit. We say what we feel and we’ll speak on just about anything. Strange has a very unique way with his lyrics that almost seem to take you in a few different directions until the come full circle and make you go “damn”. Malachi has a unique way with the music itself where he has so many years of experience playing every kind of instrument. He’s influenced by everything so you never know what kind of beat he’s gonna drop when he gets to work, I think that’s what makes us different then the rest, is how well we work together.

BeZerk: Who have you guys been able to work with in the past?

Ill Breed: Nobody on a higher level then us really, just a handful of other local rappers in our area like Eklipze and J Swiss (who is now in Colorado Springs).



BeZerk: Who would you guys like to work with in the future?

Ill Breed: We would love to work with Tech N9ne, Twiztid, or Haystak

BeZerk: You guys originally started doing work to famed juggalo producer, Mike E. Clark. Do you think he has indefinitely influenced your guys’ style and beat production?

Ill Breed: Not entirely, but most definitely he had an impact on us. Like we said, we’re influenced by just about everything we’ve ever listened to over the years.

Behind bars

Behind bars

BeZerk: Have you been able to share the stage with anybody else?

Ill Breed: Not as The ill-breed, not yet at least. Malachi once shared the same stage as the band Paramore back in 2008 when he was playing bass for a local rock band.

BeZerk: What do you guys have coming up? Any CDs, mixtapes, solo work, music videos, merch, etc in the works?

Ill Breed: Right now we are currently working on our album Blood-N-Soul and are about to start working on a few videos for a few songs on the album. We have some t-shirts for both men and women, hoodies, and even some dog tag necklaces that are available on our official web site

Ill Breed with a sick city backdrop

Ill Breed with a sick city backdrop

BeZerk: When and where are your next few shows?

Ill Breed: As of right now we dont have any shows coming up and we are spending most of our time working on our new album but as soon as its done we plan on jumping some booking agents to get us some shows as soon as possable!

Shout outs:

Ill Breed: Strange would like to give a shout out to his wife and son, Britney and Dakotah. Malachi would also like to give his wife and son a shout out, Tia and Malachi (yes, his sons ACTUAL name is Malachi), and together we’d like to give everybody on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Reverbnation, all our family and friends, our fans, all the juggalos, and especially everyone at a very big shout out. Thank you all for supporting us.



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